It is This

Sunset thataway/ Oh!

Indiggos – what I shall now call Indie dogs. I intend to write about the ones I come across and know. Why? There be something very very cool about them, ever notice? They’re the true gun-slingers; the pirates; the gamblers who don’t deal in cash; they have great character and style. Sharp cookies, all of them. My friends and I constantly do voice overs for their “dogalogues” as we have now come to call them. Audible thought bubbles if you like. They’d make great graphic and comic books if we ever put them all down. We have some photos. I thought audible thought bubbles can become a longer narrative. I can’t draw, but some of their photos could help with the visual stories. Ergo, why not a blog – for starters?

The stories and the imaginary conversations sound very human admittedly. The dogs are anthropomorphized, inevitably. It has always amazed me though – dogs and cats are perhaps our immediate access to non-human experiences. We’ve gotten so used to them that we have forgotten they are prime examples to show inter-species cohabitation is very real and possible. We’re capable of interacting and communicating with other beings. I have found this possibility truly beautiful and touching – that we don’t have to all be Tarzans or Mowglis or Saint Francis of Assisi to be able to engage with animals! In India there are so many of these desi streeties as they’re called or pariahs . I prefer to call them Indiggos. They live on the streets yes, they’re desi and they live outcast lives, but they’re all free spirits, truly “indie” which I think we’d do well to remember. They have immense pride, distinct, individual traits, moods, temperaments and style! And- they demand respect. Period. While this is true for all animals, this blog is about these very real and true characters (in every sense, they can be obnoxious too, oh don’t get me wrong) and what I’ve learnt from them.

So, if you’re into alternative (meta)narratives and fantasy worlds peopled by indie doggos and maybe a cat, you’ll like this blog (there may be other additions along the way, so hang on).